R. P. Agarwal Memorial Lecuture  

R. P. Agarwal Memorial Lecture is a part of academic program of SSFA annual meeting every year. The Lecture was instituted by SSFA in 2011 in memory of legendry Indian mathematician Ratan Prakash Agarwal (1925 - 2008), Founder Patron of SSFA. The following distinguished mathematicians have so far delivered the R. P. Agarwal Memorial Lecture.

  2021 Ken Ono
University of Virginia, USA
Topic: The AGM, hypergeometric functions and jellyfish swarms of elliptic curves
  2020 Bruce Berndt
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA
Topic: Four Unanswered Questions
  2019 Claude Levesque
University of Laval, Canada
Topic: Some Properties of the L-Function attached to an Elliptic Curve
  2018 Srinivasamurthi Bhargava
Mysore University, Mysore, India
Topic: Excerpts from Ramanujan's Notebooks
  2017 Tom Koorwinder
Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Topic: Bispectrality and Dual Addition Formulas
  2016 Michel Waldschmidth
Universit´e Paris, France
Topic: Irrationality and Transcendence of Values of Special Functions
  2015 Segeru Kanemitsu
Kinki University, Japan
Topic: Limit values of Lamber-like Series
  2013 A. M. Mathai
McGill University, Canada
Topic: A new look at fractional calculus with reference to matrix-variate functions and statistical perspective
  2012 H. L. Manocha
Department of Mathematics, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, USA 
Topic: Lie Theory of Matrix Special Functions
  2011 George Andrews
Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA
Topic: Partition Function Differences, Ehrenpreis Problem and the Anti-Telescoping Method